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    • Sekiro New game seven

      Sekiro New game + 7, ATK 1, Vilaty 10
      No shinobi tool
      Not full skill ...

    • Somewhat of a ReadMe

      I'm just going to explain the different files, as there's a BUNCH of them. The ones you shouldn't mix and what not.

      1) The Installer.
      As far as I can tell, foolproof. no way to cause issues AS LONG AS you dont change anything on the "patches" section (currently). once you choose your base game version and dlc options, theres a few mods that have some "minor" conflicts. just select the mods you use and when you click next it will auto select all the correct patches. you CAN select the others, but thats NOT INTENDED.

      2) merged - all.
      "all" being the base game - NO DLC. so, companions, thieves, dark brotherhood, and the bounties. there are merged patches for the various conflicting mods.

      3) NON-DLC (companions, dark brotherhood, thie...

    • Ver 3.36 Changelog.

      Total new icons: 9

      Removed Hot-Key icons
      Removed Type Icons
      Removed Compass Tick Icons
      Removed HQ Map Icons
      These are found in my new mod: Clean Vanilla Hud along with other new improvements!

      Interfaceshared Updated.

      Modders Resources:
      Added new icons:
      Improvements made to:
      Deleted these icons:
      9 (the file is named 9), reasoning: use virginofthewastes (in the same folder) instead, much higher quality.
      3 (the file is named 3), reasoning: u...

    • Vanilla Dialogue Menu Visual Bug Explained

      In vanilla Skyrim, there is a visual bug where dialogue options will not be listed fully when there is a lot of text in the dialogue menu. The following is an example using the dialogue with Arngeir right after receiving The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest. Here's a screenshot of how the dialogue menu looks in vanilla:

      When using a mod that adds a lot of text to the dialogue menu, such as the Khajiit Speak mods, while scrolling down the options with the scroll wheel, the dialogue menu will stop and get stuck on the third option. There's also no indication that there's more options aside from the small arrow on the left side of the menu. Here's an example with BA Khajiit Speak Redux:

      The only way to workaround this bug in vanilla is using the arrow keys...

    • The Beginning

      This is my 1st String, i'm sure I missed something, if something is missing post a comment and I will do my best to take care of it Swiftly....

    • Evil Genius 1.9 World Domination Overhaul

      I’ve been working on an Evil Genius overhaul mod for the EG anniversary Sept 28th. The mod includes Red Ivan & John Steele's evil clone, Adam Steele as playable evil genius's assisting either Shen Yu or Alexis in world domination, along with other character changes & additions (New AOIs & New Henchmen: Col. Blackheart, Number 2 & Evil Genius 2 henchman Full Metal Jackie)....

    • Changelog 1.3

      * Added new weapons:

      Dragon Fists (bought at Old Wolf of Farron)
      Blood-stained Reaper (sold by Hawkwood)
      Druid Spear (Treausure at Irthyll)
      Oni Koroshi (dropped by NPC at Dark Firleink)
      Timeworn Blade (Irithyll)
      Molten Razor (Smouldering Lake)
      Galvanic Quickblade (Highwall of Lothric)
      Etched Spellblade (Undead Settlement)
      Arched Ebony Blade (Road of Sacrifices)

      * Changed some Icons
      * Various fixes including damage fixes
      * Map edits in some of the areas!! (HIGHLIGHT of this patch!)...

    • OSex's Animation labeling and tagging system explained

      This is an explanation of how OSex names and tags it's animations and how you can get that data from OStim. If you haven't read the API Rundown article yet, I highly suggest you do so.

      Let's take a look at an animation and break it down. In the folder (OSex)\meshes\0SA\mod\0Sex\scene\0MF\Sy6LLy9\Sx\LiftedLotusSxBU.xml we've got the animation data for the "Lifted Lotus" sex position animation. OSex holds IDs in two ways: scene id and animation ID. The scene ID is basically the thing you select in OSex's menus, and the individual animation IDs are the speed variants
      Scene ID: "0MF|Sy6!LLy9|Sx|LiftedLotusSxBU"
      Anim ID for speed 2: "0Sx0MF_Sx-LiftedLotusSxBU_S2"

      But what about tags? And what does all this mess mean?? Well...

    • Darth Vader

      Instructions:In order to use NPC's you will need to activate cheats here's how you do it.Singleplayer- Once your in the game, hit "shift and tild (~)" to activate the console. Next type "helpusobi 1"...hit enter (cheats are now on) type "npc spawn (the npc's name)" Example: npc spawn Vadertfu.Here are the npc model names for this model...DarthVaderDarthVadermaskDarthVaderfaceNote: you must enter one of the above names when spawning your npc.THIS FILE IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN...

    • Converting male human eyes to ghoul

      Use FO4Edit. Requires some knowledge of the program.
      Eyes are situated under Head Part category. Copy as new record the male eyes you want, in Ghoul_Skin.esp or a new plugin(you can have esp flagged as esl). When the program asks, give it a different EditorID. You will probably have to confirm adding new master(the mod that contains the eyes) to Ghoul_Skin/the new plugin. Go to the new record. Note: When I say "edit" or "remove", I mean by right clicking on corresponding row.

      Full - Name is what you will see in the game, so edit that to your liking.
      Edit the Model FileName, replace it with the following path:  Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\FaceParts\MaleGhoulEyes.nif
      Next edit the Data - Flags. "Playable" and "Male" should have a tick. I...

    • Futuras Traducciones

      Hola debido a la escáses de Traducciones de mods para Morrowind en Español muchos juegan en ingles o solo el Vanilla algo que puede aburrir a muchos, asi que estoy dispuesto a que Trabajemos ya que si no tengo apoyo no tengo el por que andar traduciendo apenas empiezo asi que queda por parte de ustedes, no solo me gustaria apoyo en donaciones sino también sugerencias en traducciones para asi adaptarlo a sus respectivos gustos siempre y cuando tengan sentido con el juego original claro, o si quieren que tradusca un mod especifico me avisan de antemano estaré dispuesto a ayudar dependiendo sea el mod si tiene mucho por traducir les apreciaría mucho una considerable donación puesto a que lleva tiempo y uno tiene necesidades y por la situación que vivimos ahora debido al Covid-19 ...

    • Selected Dialogue Lines

      Here is a small subset of dialogue lines that I've curated.

      Reaction Lines
      OPCONV_FL_02_JESSE_1013 : How's that?
      GEN_SM_M01_JESSE_3102 : Nothing to it.
      GEN_SM_M01_JESSE_4030 : Can’t touch this!
      GEN_SM_M08_JESSE_3105 : Piece of cake!
      GEN_SM_M08_JESSE_4032 : Too slow!
      GEN_SM_M08_JESSE_4033 : Missed me!
      GEN_SM_M08_JESSE_4034 : Catch me if you can!

      GEN_M02_JESSE_4012 : Haha!
      GEN_M02_JESSE_4013 : Oh yeah!
      GEN_M02_JESSE_4014 : Hell yeah!
      GEN_M02_JESSE_4016 : Take that!
      GEN_M06_JESSE_4025 : Ha ha!


    • Jim's Home

      fbliheqrhbqetbqethbqergqrgqergqergqergergqergqrg caucakkc aca cockck

    • Design Notes

      One of the main goals of Role-Playing Perks is to allow more varied character builds, as well as introducing trade-offs between different perk choices. Unlike magic and melee, Archery only has one type of weapon (you could count crossbows, but I feel that's being generous). Bows have different draw speeds, but the game does not use this in an interesting way and the information is hidden from the player. This leaves the player with very few decisions as to how they want to play as an archer. It basically boils down to whether they want to sneak or not.
      The introduction of two different styles is meant to remedy this. Ranger and Sniper are meant to feel distinct, and to have different strengths and weaknesses. The main design concept for the Ranger was that base damage output should b...

    • my ME1 mods - technical info (for modders)

      Galaxy Map Trackers: DLC mount = 40
      Keepers Finders: DLC mount = 41
      N7 Mako: DLC mount = 45
      XP Rescale: DLC mount = 55








    • subnautica Save file

      ummmmm first time uploading mod, idk wut to do here...

    • baller preset for real ballers

      dis preset so baller g , dawg creep this prepre...

    • Testers Needed for the Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch

      We need testers for the Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.

      A very major revision is coming out soon, a total overhaul.

      You'd be testing specific things on a list, instead of just doing typical gameplay.

      No mods allowed, except for UI specific ones.

      Please contact hairylegs222 by message on nexus if interested.
      (not me)


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